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INSIDE THIS EDITION:  Medical journal suggests parents stop lying about Santa Claus; Preachers: speak the truth about Christmas!; Zika hits Texas; Dutch hotline says it’s okay to send hate messages to gays if you are Muslim; Will Christmas be celebrated in the Kingdom of God or is it the biblical festivals? Christmas; Peace and goodwill? The origin of the Christmas tree; Some Christians returning to Saturday Sabbath;  


wars and rumours of wars… for all these things must come to pass. Nation against nation, kingdom against kingdom… famines and pestilences and earthquakes in unusual placesMatt. 24:6-7

Week of  December 4 – December 11, 2016

Medical Journal says parents should stop lying to children about Santa Claus

When it comes to biblical truth, Christmas has nothing to do with birth of Christ. For millions of children, the hero of Christmas is not even the person it supposed to honour – Jesus Christ, the real hero is Santa Claus, a person who is not real.

The well-respected medical journal, Lancelot Psychiatry, says the Santa myth may undermine a child’s trust in their parents.

santa-claus-1614994_960_720“All children will eventually find out they’ve been consistently lied to for years, and this might make them wonder what other lies they’ve been told,” the researchers write.

‘Tis the season for millions of parents to convince their kids that Santa Claus is real. But this myth may ultimately be damaging, according to psychologist Christopher Boyle and mental health researcher Kathy McKay.

The was stated in an essay in the journal that was inspired by true events of Christmas trauma.

In an interview, Boyle, of the University of Exeter, says he was “devastated” when he found out Santa Claus wasn’t real. But it was his mother who had tears streaming down her face as she revealed the truth.


Boyle suggests parents aren’t just trying to create a magical experience for their children — but also for themselves.

The essay openly asks if it’s right to make children believe in Father Christmas and whether lying about it will affect children in ways that aren’t being considered.

Dr. Rachel Mitchell, a child and youth psychiatrist at Toronto’s Sunnybrook Hospital, says the myth of Santa can seriously affect certain children who don’t feel secure or have difficulty with the concept of trust.

Page one commentary

Preachers: Please speak the truth about Christmas!

Preachers, like parents, have a duty, too, because you echo from the pulpit this time of the year about how our Saviour Jesus Christ was born on Christmas Day, and you very well know it is not true.

You give glorious sermons about the need for s Saviour, which is true, but then you taint that reality with the untruth about his birthday. Don’t you think Christ would have given us the date of his birth, if he wanted us to celebrate it?  He gave humanity some festivals (Lev. 23) that he wants us to celebrate but you ignore them and call them Jewish, but then embrace a pagan festival and “christened? it Christian? How come? That’s a man-made idea and not God’s made; there is no sanctification in it, no matter how hard one tries.

christmas-825951_960_720If you teach and believe that the festivals of Lev. 23 are not relevant and only for the Jews, why will ALL NATIONS be required to celebrate them when his kingdom is established on the Earth? Why does call them “my feasts” and not a feast of the Jews. God is not the author of confusion, mankind is wearing that crown. If you study the Word of God closely, you’ll notice how detailed and precise God is, yet He never gave us the date of His birth. Have you ever stop to ask yourself why? If not, do it now?

When will those who occupy our pulpits start speaking the truth about this birth date and refrain from telling adherents to “put Christ back into Christmas,” when He was never in it in the first place. The truth is December 25 is a date used to “Christianize” Saturnalia, a Roman holiday, to celebrate the birthday of its deity Saturn, which was combined with another festival Dies Natalis Solis Invicti (Birthday of the Unconquered Sun).

Some theologians and pastors see nothing wrong with adopting a pagan festival to honor (Christ ( something God warns us not to do), but whatever the case is God does not command us to celebrate His birthday, He commands us to observe His death – Passover (not Easter, another pagan adoption). It doesn’t matter whether one wants to argue against this point or not, the fact is there is NO biblical support for Christmas.

Yet in your bible, from the beginning (Gen. 1:14 at creation), we God setting apart His “appointed times” (or Heb. Moed) for humanity, not the Jews. In Lev. 23 He outlined these appointed times when He gave Israel seven annual Sabbaths or Holy Days. He gave it to Israel because that was the only nation He was dealing with at the time, so don’t think they are Jewish. The Eternal calls them “my feasts,” or “the feasts of the Lord.”


Why won’t our bible teachers and preachers speak this truth from the Word of God and stop hiding behind the cloak of saying they are for the Jews. Hear this: Jesus kept these annual Sabbaths when He was on Earth; His apostles kept them long after he was ascended, and guest what, ALL NATIONS, will be required to keep them when God’s kingdom is established on the Earth (Zech 14). If these festivals of God will be kept in the future, and in the Kingdom of God, why are we not keeping them now? Better yet, Christmas WILL NOT be celebrated in the Kingdom of God, only God’s appointed festivals, so why keep an non-biblical festival and ignore the biblical ones?

donateAsk yourself: what does the Christmas tree, yule logs, mistletoe, and Santa Claus have to do with the birth of Christ? Absolutely nothing. Yet God’s appointed times or festivals outline His plan for humanity.

Preachers, it’s time to speak from the Word of God and not the traditions of men, which Christ says is vain worship. YOU NEED TO SPEAK THE TRUTH! No wonder we have parents telling their children that Santa Claus is true and they feel no remorse in telling a lie.

Zika has reached Texas

Texas has reported its first locally transmitted Zika virus, joining Florida, which reported its first similarly transmitted case last month.

The patient is a 43-year-old woman from Brownsville, who has not travelled to any area that has ongoing Zika transmissions. The woman is is not pregnant, and has the first locally acquired case in the United States outside of Florida.  Since Nov. 23, Florida has recorded 238 locally acquired Zika cases. Of that number, the Florida State Departments says 170 cases are with pregnant women. The Zika virus is linked to the birth defect microcephaly, which can cause brain damage, seizures, deafness, blindness and other medical problems.

CDC photo
CDC photo

“Based on the information we have, this patient has a negative blood test which indicates that she can no longer spread the infection by mosquito,” Dr. James Castillo, Cameron County health authority said in a statement:

This is a reminder that everyone should remain vigilant about Zika. If a woman is pregnant or is considering becoming pregnant, she should be evaluated for possible Zika virus exposure during each prenatal care visit. Each evaluation should include an assessment of signs and symptoms of Zika virus disease such as fever, rash, joint pain and conjunctivitis.

The Cameron County health department is working with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state health authorities to investigate the case in Texas. This includes door-to-door screening and mosquito control efforts, such as spraying.

Premature Babies Removed from Incubators after Air Strikes Hit Syrian Hospital

Reports from Syria say premature babies in Aleppo have been removed from their incubators after air strikes destroyed the city of Aleppo’s only children’s hospital.

According to the reports,  nurses were forced to take the babies off their ventilators as smoke filled the room where they were receiving treatment.

we needThe babies were taken to a civilian home to receive treatment. Nurses wrapped them in blankets to take care of them as  they were able.

The reports say the air strikes that destroyed the children’s hospital and four other hospitals in the city, were part of a renewed assault by the Syrian regime and Russia against rebel-held districts in Aleppo. 92 people have been killed since the assault began.

Injured people have nowhere to receive treatment, since the bombings have destroyed hospitals. Journalist Yasser Al-rahil reported that this is causing victims to die in the hours after they are hurt.

US National Security Advisor Susan Rice condemned the attacks in a statement: “The United States condemns in the strongest terms these horrific attacks against medical infrastructure and humanitarian aid workers. There is no excuse for these heinous actions.